About Us

It started with a thought. Ignited with our zest for shopping secrets and fashion , fueled by lattes and pancakes over breakfast.

Add a flash of Lady Aphrodite, a pinch of Fat Princess, and a dash of Miss Juicy; brew it daily with essential oil of shopping, bargain hunting serum, and the elixir of adventure. Stir it all about.

And Ta-Dah, Breakfast Chatz is concocted.

Lady Aphrodite

A confessed fashionista and a shopaholic that ain’t recovering any time soon, I have an undeniable love for fashion , shopping and travelling. What more when there are sales. My daily routines of my mornings consists of gulping my aromatic scent of fashion-magazin-chino (ok I made up this café flavor) and my breakfast would be just munching on some blog roll offers and style offerings. Yes, such a simple morning it will be and by noon your all geared up to start the day at work :) **smiles**

Fat Princess

Tries hard not to be a slave to fashion and consumerism but under it all have a secret insatiable desire to buy pretty things to look fabulous at all times! Save now, spend later mentality from Chinese roots have deeply affected the way she thinks, and shops, making shopping an everyday battle between Cash and Fashion! “Oh - the dilemma!”

Constantly on the quest to find the best bargains and hard-to-resist deals, she hopes that in spending less in a good bargain, in turn she will be saving more. Thus staying true to her Chinese roots!

Miss Juicy

Is that a plane… is that a bird...?


Make way for Miss Juicy!

A company employee by day, misfit-gone-awry by night, Miss Juicy attempts to call upon the powers of the universe, to break through the confines of the corporate world’s rigidity.  Some calls this as being a “Drama Queen” but to Miss Juicy, this is called the synergy of fashion and shopping and her thirst for new adventures.

Up, up and away!!


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