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You've heard us rave about Supermodel Secrets! Cos we Lurve them and what we love more are discounts! 

And Milk-A-Deal is giving us BOTH!

Supermodels Secrets

Welcoming the year of the Dragon!

It's year of the Dragon.. and what way to usher in all the luck for this year ahead.. than to be dressing it up.. and glamorously in RED!

So from us Diva's to you... here are some Ravishing Red pieces.. you simply can't miss to celebrate this fun times with your family and friends!

Starting off with this super cute skater dress! Its sweet and according to the CNY theme.. best part.. it's certainly not too revealing for the aunties and grandma's you'll be visiting =) you may get a couple of awww's to increase angpow revenue.. Yay! who's complaining =)

Candy Kisses - Skater Dress - RM55

Breakfast Divas Top 3 Picks! - Favourite Body Moisturiser

Lady Aphrodite's Pick
Boots Barbados - Body Lotion - Watermelon & Mango

Favourite Moisturiser: BOOTS Carribean Cocktail Body Cream
Why favourite: think of the beach , and you holding a cuppa fruit
juice and you get the smell all in one in this cocktail lotion! Leaves
skin fresh and smooth and hydrated enough to get you going another hour
in the sun if needed!
How much: RM 30 on discount in BOOTS Thailand! ( NP RM 60)
Where to get it: BOOTS pharmacies Thailand
Tips on how to get maximum usage: I personally keep one bottle in office
desk and daily use leaves hands perfect so imagine what you get using it
at home after a shower daily!

Breakfast Divas Top 3 Picks! - Favourite Body Scrub!

Lady Aphrodite's Pick

Favourite Bath Scrub: BODY SHOP strawberry scrub and mango papaya body scrub
Why favourite: totally addicted to fruity pick - me - up scents to
lighten up the entire day! Gives my skin a smooth finish free of dead
cells and leaves me smelling paradise of fruity scents!
How much: RM 59.90 
Where to get it: BODY SHOP
Tips on how to get maximum usage: once a week after the matching shower
gel gives the maximum effect!

S.O.S- I have nothing to wear tonight! Help?By Lady Aphordite Part Two

“ It’s a party after work and there is no way home! Kill me now” 

Darlings, these feature are transforming workwear to your party at a price of RM 70 and below  Picture one only needs some chunky bangles and a hair make over tip from above and you will be ready in say 5 minutes! 

Dior by Cocktails - RM65

S.O.S- I have nothing to wear tonight! Help?By Lady Aphordite

Two words come to mind at an S.O.S fashion emergency – Planned vs Spontaneous. Put them together and I tell you , you have one rocking adventure! S.O.S fashion emergencies are those desperate times we all pick up the handphones and mass sms to our girlfriends” I have nothing to wear, What do I do ? Will this work ? “ And no, you cannot escape this venture when we both know we have been through it countless times before . Us, divas want to always look our best ..fullstop :)

What are you doing New Year's Eve? - Dress like Audrey Hepburn!

Psst... Have you heard about SohoKL's New Year Countdown "Partyin' Thru the Decades"?

In case you're wondering - why talk about New Year's countdown when Xmas ain't even over yet! well, I figured that if I were to write a post on Xmas Shopping - it's a tad too late, granted that it's already Xmas Eve. =P

What's the big deal about this party, you ask? Well... it's a themed countdown party! You get to dress up in your favorite fashion era and you stand a chance to win a Blackberry Torch. 

If this does tickles your fancy, and you'd like to play dress up, check out how  Audrey Hepburn has changed the fashion arena through the years. Mayhaps Miss Hepburn's seemingly effortless elegant looks will give you some inspiration to dress for the night (and win your BB Torch!) ;)

Fat Princess Jojo's beauty picks for the year! (Part Two)

Taking off from the last "Fat Princess beauty picks post" this time I'm featuring the other goodies and splurges that I've added to my beauty collection this year.. A little bit more than RM50 (okay.. some are a lot more).. but still we girls deserve to reward ourselves once a while right!

Starting with this juicy pick to make your lips sparkle!

Lipgloss - Anna Sui Lipgloss C/R - RM79

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