S.O.S- I have nothing to wear tonight! Help?By Lady Aphordite Part Two

“ It’s a party after work and there is no way home! Kill me now” 

Darlings, these feature are transforming workwear to your party at a price of RM 70 and below  Picture one only needs some chunky bangles and a hair make over tip from above and you will be ready in say 5 minutes! 

Dior by Cocktails - RM65

Second blue look probably needs a white belt and white heels with a high ponytail to transform from sweet to party style. 

Dorothy fit & flare by Double Woot - RM72

Boyfriend calls, “ Last minute surprise, am picking you on a date. See you in 15”. Yes, you gasp in delight of excitement and horror at the same time! eeepps

Girlfriends groupies call, “ Birthday party at 7. Now is 6. See you in a bit babe!”

Blossom Dress by Cocktails - RM58
Skater girl by Diva's Divine - RM48

Sheer Maxi Cardi by Somewear Over the Rainbow - RM45

In for a treat, these dresses both bright and happy dresses are all ready with a clutch to go in contrast colour and some headpieces for the sweet “ date me  “ look . If you will be at work on a Friday, these pieces are perfect with a cardi to cover up for a casual work style. Without the cardi, slip them off and vavavoom your bedroom hair up ! I think that boyfriend of yours will be in awe **Garfield smile*. These looks scream sophistication at the same time dressy enough for that S.O.S birthday dinner or brunch on the busy day you have! So kill those birds with minimal stones :P

Now all you need are shiny accessories to turn your outfit around or that fancy clutch bag, am going to tell you these are going to come in handy ! Pick and wear them or stash them in that bag for work for the SOS night out should come sooner than you think … Check out these pretties from Rara Black's Soiree collection to complete your look!

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