Breakfast Divas Top 3 Picks! - Favourite Body Scrub!

Lady Aphrodite's Pick

Favourite Bath Scrub: BODY SHOP strawberry scrub and mango papaya body scrub
Why favourite: totally addicted to fruity pick - me - up scents to
lighten up the entire day! Gives my skin a smooth finish free of dead
cells and leaves me smelling paradise of fruity scents!
How much: RM 59.90 
Where to get it: BODY SHOP
Tips on how to get maximum usage: once a week after the matching shower
gel gives the maximum effect!

Miss Juicy's Pick

Favourite Bath Scrub: Apronbay's Safari Rose
Why favourite: Love the fresh scent of tea tree oil + lavender. The oats + sugar is coarse enough yet not too rough, so that the dead skins are sloughed away, without feeling scrubbed raw! Don't fret about feeling oily after. When you'd towel dry yourself, you'd feel moisturised and lighter!
How much: RM75
Where to get it: Apronbay
Tips on how to get maximum usage: Use on damp skin, thereafter scrub away :) Never ever store sugar scrubs near damp areas - it melts the sugar!

Fat Princess' Pick

Ginger Burst™Incredible Spreadable™

Favourite Bath Scrub: Origins Spreadable Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub 
Why favourite: Just the perfect way to Spice up my bath time - by using this savoury scented Ginger body scrub! Gives a nice gentle scrub feeling as it melts away into your skin, as well as making you feel more relaxed as your lather it on. Best part, you leave your shower feeling as if you've just left a Spa session!
How much: about RM110
Where to get it: Origins store @ The Gardens
Tips on how to get maximum usage: Use it together with Ginger Burst Savoury Body Wash

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