S.O.S- I have nothing to wear tonight! Help?By Lady Aphordite

Two words come to mind at an S.O.S fashion emergency – Planned vs Spontaneous. Put them together and I tell you , you have one rocking adventure! S.O.S fashion emergencies are those desperate times we all pick up the handphones and mass sms to our girlfriends” I have nothing to wear, What do I do ? Will this work ? “ And no, you cannot escape this venture when we both know we have been through it countless times before . Us, divas want to always look our best ..fullstop :)

You have one invitation to a wedding this weekend, another glamourous dinner function the day after or the boyfriend calls you up minutes ago threatening to steal you away on some romantic date . We had it all! Maybe it is because we love being social butterflies ( or just like wearing new things to occasions **wink**) .

Before getting into the outfits, hair do is the easy part so let’s get this out in the open. Before and after shots – easy to do , time friendly for minutes!

·         Low pony tail with side bangs and pair them up with some chunky bling earrings
·         Tease up some volume to the top of your head to make it vavavoom! And voila you have one red carpet look ready
·         Side pins with a flower accessory or a big hair piece to the side ? depending on your occasion you will probably be picking one suiting your look


No frills available? go for the these!
1)      Head down, shake your hair up and bundle your hair together to form a high ponytail from your tophead! And you have the clean ready to go out look already
2)      Do a shampoo commercial head turning in front of the mirror to get some volume on your hair and work on the makeup instead . You will then get a messy out of bed look that looks hot and sexy for your night SOS emergency =) **claps**


These two articles are big helpers too so read them when free just for some idea boost

Let the transformation begin! – Am pairing it up with our emergency lines our minds linger on my next post so heads up!

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