Deals at Supermodel Secrets

You've heard us rave about Supermodel Secrets! Cos we Lurve them and what we love more are discounts! 

And Milk-A-Deal is giving us BOTH!

Supermodels Secrets

RM6.90 instead of RM15 for 2 Sets of Invisible Fashion Tape from Supermodels Secrets 


RM6.90 instead of RM15 for a Set of Strap Perfect Concealer Clip 


Including with this purchase is 10% Discount for Next Purchase from Supermodels Secrets! How great a deal is this!

Conditions of sale and delivery instructions are on the Milk-a-deal website. Any other queries can be directed to Michelle at . She's prompt to answer your questions or enquires! Details of how to use these miracle devices are in the Supermodel Website

Gotta get your hands on this quick cos the deal is expiring today! 

Surprise.. surprise.. they have MORE!!

RM6 instead of RM12 for Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow from Supermodels Secrets

Cotton Candy

This deal is perfect for you sceptics out there, who want to try this instant eye shadow but think that RM12 a pair is a tad bit expensive for something that may not work.. here's a deal for you RM6 a Pair! Yups! Buy 1 free 1! That's a deal too hard to resist!

And yes.. with this purchase they are giving out the same 10% Discount for Next Purchase from Supermodels Secrets

This deal is going on for another 3 days.. so gives you plenty of time to get your friends in this deal! Hurry Hurry! 

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