We've got a Secret - A Supermodel's Secret!

Shhh…Come closer.. I’ve stumbled upon a secret..A fashion beauty secret..A place where you can find things you never imagine existed before, and would make you looking like a supermodel! …or rather..close to one.

Super model’s Secrets – the hidden cove now exposed! - has a wide variety of unconventional beauty gadgets! It never fails to amaze me! 

Fashion Tape
Ok – this is not so unconventional, but I’ve searched many places for fashion tapes at a reasonable price, and Alas! I’ve failed. Until I stumbled upon Supermodel’s Secrets. Fashion tapes are sold at 3 packs for RM15!! *gleeful*

It looks and works like a double side tape, but is kinder on the skin. Anyone who has tried the stationery-kind of double sided tape would know that after a while, the tape will cause irritation to the skin, not to mention, it’s really difficult to remove the tape from your skin after.
Contents : 1 box = 24 strips. Each strip can be halved into strips of 2.5cm x 1.2cm long. (I wouldn’t suggest cutting up the strips too small, as it might not stick as well on your clothes’ fabric)

Price: 1 box = RM9, 3 boxes for RM15.

Cami Secret
I am not one who likes to layer my clothes. As it is Malaysia is hot and humid enough, and I'd rather not get all hot and sweaty if I need to wear that low V-necked top with a layer of spaghetti or tube beneath it! I can already feel the temperature rising. *shudders*

Then, along came the solution – Supermodel Secret’s Cami Secret!

There are clips at the both ends of the triangular cloth. Clip on this nifty little piece on both sides of your bra straps and viola! You’d have successfully covered the gaping neckline, without having to layer! Yay! As mentioned by Miss Supermodel's Secret (Michelle) on her webbie, it’s best to tuck in the bottom portion of the camisole, lest the outline can be seen. A point to note though, a friend of mine who is more bodacious (38C) found the camisole occasionally peeking out from the sides.

Material: It’s made of polyester (gives a satiny feel), and has 10% spandex (i.e. it stretches).

Price: 1 box (set of 3) costs RM21, 2 for RM40, 3 for RM58 and 4 for RM75 :)

Now ladies, let’s go on to the more interesting gadgets. Now, I have yet to try the below, but by God! Some of these inventions are definitely next on my shopping list!

Magic butt

This is an interesting one!!

If you’re one of the girls who were born with a skinny butt, you’d have problems filling up some pants and skirts. Well, fret no more, for Miss SS has the perfect non-surgical remedy. Butt paddings!*grins*

Price: Standard magic butt - RM79 (thicker pads)
        Seamless magic buyy - RM 59 (thinner pads)

Magic Pads

Teeheehee!! Less chest-endowned girls, you’ll so love this! The gadget itself looks like an inflatable cushion, and in fact it does function like one. It’s a bra padding that is inflatable to be stuffed inside the bra, to increase bra cup size! Ingenious! 

Price: RM26 (buy this now, and Miss SS will give a free cleavage control clip!)


OMG! Yet another clever clever invention! Say no more to camel toes, and hide it with this!

Price: RM59

Michelle from Supermodels' Secret is prompt in her emails replies, and is willing to work out delivery methods for your convenience. Good customer service, I say!

Now that the secret is out of the bag, grab these secrets and make them yours now!

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