Fat Princess Jojo's beauty picks for the year! (Part Two)

Taking off from the last "Fat Princess beauty picks post" this time I'm featuring the other goodies and splurges that I've added to my beauty collection this year.. A little bit more than RM50 (okay.. some are a lot more).. but still we girls deserve to reward ourselves once a while right!

Starting with this juicy pick to make your lips sparkle!

Lipgloss - Anna Sui Lipgloss C/R - RM79

Again, I got this as part of my birthday pack ..and it's awesome! I've got the Christmas Lip gloss set 01 and it is a dark sexy red.. I love how it's leaves a nice deep red colour (great for 50's make up) but at the same time it doesn't have that 'plastic and dry' feeling on your lips.. in fact it has a light feel that doesn't make you feel as if you have lipstick at all..

plus point.. it shimmers! making your lips oh-so Juicy!
Lip Balm - Burts Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm - RM38.80
Love your lips with a kiss of color.
On to the best lip balm ever created.. Burt's Bees!! All natural.. and oh so Yummy! Best part of it.. it's lightly tinted.. for a light and quick pick up on the go.. to bring out that fresher and more perky look =)

I'm a great fan of this cause I'm not one for nivea or lip ice brands.. which I think are not 'naturally' made.. in fact.. I'm so old school I go for the Vaseline Tub at RM4.90.. that tub of all natural petroleum jelly takes you a long way!

But carrying a tub in your purse is not practical.. so hey.. Burt Bee's is your next best.. if not the best thing!!

Foundation -M.A.C called the Pro Longwear SPF10 foundation RM130

Our guide to beauty products every girl should have in their vanity. (© Elizabeth Arden)

Honestly.. I don't have this foundation.. but I've tried it and I believe any girl out there with blemishes or scars should consider MAC's foundation. I usually don't like liquid foundation cause it's sticky, and "clogs" up pores... but this one feels great! Don't have to apply too much, and spread it around evenly.. you'll get a pretty decent coverage... Finish it up with some loose powder to fill up the little bits.. and you've got "almost" flawless skin..

Body Lotion - OPI - Avojuice Skin Quenchers - RM58

If you've been following us.. you would have read before that I've raved about OPI's Avojuice.. it's fruity and yummy scent leaves you feeling of moisturised in a tub of fruits! I first got to know about this after I did a pedicure session.. and my did it leave me feeling all fruity and princessy for a day! =)

Love it.. and recommend this for your daily dose of body moisturising.. one word of caution.. the scent can be quite over bearing for those who don't like scents..

Ppssstt.. btw.. Colour culture now has a range of Avojuice on discounts! Yay!

Aveeno Moisturising Cream 

This is one moisturiser that really aids dry or ezcema prone skin..  it's Fantastic! and keeps your skin feeling moisturise throughout the night or day.. Being in this category..I highly recommend this to any one who has really dry skin (flaky) ..

I usually apply this during the night.. wear longs to cover the dry bits.. and in 3 days.. you really see the difference.. I swear by this! Even if you do or do not have dry / eczema prone skin...

Unfortunately, I can't find this in Malaysian stores/ Pharmacies yet.. I get my friends/ family to buy from overseas.. in like the bottles.. lols.. ! If any of you out there know where to get this in Malaysia.. do lemme know!

Well.. this wraps up Fat Princess Jojo's beauty picks for the year 2011.. hope you enjoyed it.. till then.. *smile and stay fabulous! 

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